Q - What is HeartMath Coaching?

A - HeartMath coaching is a scientifically-validated system of stress and emotional              management training that can help you reverse the effects of stress and meet life's        challenges in the moment stress is occurring with poise and resilience. 

     You’ll learn strategies to build your resilience and boost your ability to “take                   charge” of yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day, a key in           building and sustaining resilience.

Q - What can coaching help with?

A - All negative emotions cause stress and stress causes frustration, anxiety, anger,             panic, worry, depression and many other symptoms all which cause your body and       brain to act in a negative way, sometimes causing mental and physical illness. No           matter what you are challenged with, learning the strategies of HeartMath will               help you move from self depleting emotions and action to much more powerful             positive renewing ones. This means you are building resilience to the stress you             have to deal with on a daily bases. If you're unsure, just give me a call and I'd be           happy to discuss your current situation completely free of charge.


Q - How will I know if coaching will work for me?

A - Coaching works for anyone who is willing and serious about making powerful                and positive change in their lives. I work with people who are tired of sabotaging          themselves, who want to be free of their unhealthy habits, and want to feel like a          success in their life again.

Q - Can I pay for one session rather than a package?

A - Of course you can but to what level of commitment are you giving yourself?                    Think of your coaching as an investment in yourself and in your future. What you        learn will be yours for life. 

Q - How long will the sessions last?

A - Typically one hour. 

Q - How many sessions do you think I'll need?

A - I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions which is what I offer as a basic package.              However you're an individual and if you feel you need more then we can continue        on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly bases but the first 4 must be weekly.

Q - What if I just need some quick advice between sessions. Will you charge me for              that?

A - Of course not! I'm your coach and will always be here to support you between and        after your sessions.

Q - How do I pay for the sessions?

A - You can pay directly through the website or via PayPal.

Q - I see you use technology (Inner Balance Sensor) do I need this?

A - No, you don't need it to start your coaching sessions however I would highly                    recommend it as it can really fast track your progress and again this is something          you then have for life. Its an investment in you and you deserve it.

Q - Where are the sessions held?

A - All coaching and therapy are held online via Skype or Google Meet.

Q - I don't have a webcam, do I need one?

A - No webcam is needed, only a mic and the ability to be able to see a screen.

Q - Can I use my phone?

A - Yes you can but depending on the size of your screen some of the information I              discuss might be difficult to see. 

Q - You also offer different therapies. Are these multiple or single sessions?

A - Usually single sessions but again if you need or want more we can discuss this.

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