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My Story


Having been through many issues that people come to see me for, I wanted to ensure that I helped others with the knowledge and tools gained over the last 21 years since becoming a qualified Coach, mentor and therapist. 

I noticed above all things that learning just one strategy was not enough to fully help people. Everyone is unique and different in many subtle ways. This lead me to find the answers and they came in many different techniques from Heartmath coherence and resilience coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy to just being present for a person to get personal issues off their chest. The emotions we hold are not good for us and sometimes just discussing these with a neutral person can be enough to let them go and move on. 

Taking control of your life is not just through the mind but also through what we eat and feel. Huge benefits can be gained from a well balanced diet.


My approach is one that works from the heart whilst utilising the mind. The heart is the dreamer and the brain the task master. Make them work together and you will change your life in so many positive ways!

So don't procrastinate. Make an appointment and start making real positive change in you life today.

I really look forward to working with you.