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I'm Kevin and like you I've been through many struggles in my life from stress overload, anxiety, panic attacks and physical illness. All of this was caused by the lifestyle I lead, and believe me it wasn't any different from the average person on the street. It took me years to understand what had caused these problems and I spent thousands of pounds on private consultations which returned very little in helping me with my issues. 


20 years ago I decided to train as a life coach and therapist and have continued my education ever since. I will teach you everything you need to know so you can tap into the most powerful and life changing techniques that I personally use everyday. These techniques and strategies will quickly help you to move away from your current issues, regardless of what they are and help you to transform from the inside out.


Let me give you one thing to ponder. "You are what you think!". That's right! what you believe and what you tell yourself every day becomes your reality. You perpetuate your reality everyday by your thoughts, feelings and actions. We are all a result of cycles that we have created to deal with our life circumstances.

BUT WAIT! What if I told you we can re-write these cycles? What if I told you that I can teach you how to do that and be your coach throughout your amazing transformation? What if I told you that you can start that transformation today! Your simple decision to be here shows that you're ready, you want to try something new and you're excited about new possibilities.

You're an amazing person who deserves to move away from negative cycles that are causing issues in your life. Your next step is to take action and book your consultation, session or package with me. 

I'm really excited to help and work with you. 

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Kevin Hartburn


Life Coach, Therapist and Nutritionist. 
Durham, Newcastle, Northeast, UK

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Q - What can life coaching and therapy help with?

Negative emotions cause stress and stress can cause frustration, anxiety, anger, panic, worry, depression and many other symptoms all which cause your body and brain to react in negative ways, sometimes causing mental and physical illness. No matter what you are challenged with I will help you move from self depleting emotions and actions to much more powerful positive renewing ones. This means you are building resilience to the stress you have to deal with on a daily bases. If you're unsure, just give me a call and I'd be happy to discuss your current situation, completely free of charge.

​Q - What else can life coaching and therapy help me with?

  • Help with exam nerves for all ages.

  • Help you break free from limited negative behaviours and emotions.

  • Self-regulate anxiety, panic, frustration and anger.

  • Transform fears, phobias, worry, depression to coherence.

  • Learn how to transform your stress into confidence and resilience.

  • Make coherence a part of your daily life.

  • Connect with the deeper part of who you really are.

  • Overcome overwhelm and avoid burnout.

  • Boost your overall well-being, energy, health and happiness.

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Coaching process and how to begin.

1. Schedule a call with me by completing the request form and clicking the “submit” button.  You will receive an immediate confirmation email.

2. I’ll contact you to arrange a date and time that is suitable for both of us or simply let me know in the message the best times to call.

3. Alternatively go directly to my bookings page and choose a slot from my diary.


Ready to take action?


Simply choose a coaching package below and book your sessions via the online diary or book your FREE initial consultation or introduction to life coaching below.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Week One

This session is all about getting to know you and what you want to achieve, setting short term goals,  identifying barriers and introducing basic techniques to start your transformation and discuss the science behind change.

Week Two

In this session we will be reviewing what progress has been made, including insights and breakthroughs. We introduce the concept of depletion and renewal and learn new techniques for further transformation. 

Week Three

This session is where we really start to bring everything together. You will have a deeper understanding of you and what your real priorities are. You  learn further transformation techniques as you start to create your new life.

Week Four

In week four we continue to build on the progress you have already made. We put together a powerful future proof plan that will start the minute you wake up. You learn how to use your transformation techniques to set new goals to create powerful change.  

Your 4 to 6 Week Journey of Transformation

Week Five

During this session we start to explore a deeper understanding of what makes you, you. When you learn to find coherence in your heart, you can unlock the hidden creativity and power to succeed in anything you want to achieve. You learn the technique of intuition.

Week Six

In our sixth session we build on self discovery and transformation from all the techniques and revelations from the previous sessions. Here we create the path to self discovery and empowerment. This is your opportunity to push away the barriers that hold you back from true happiness.

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 Initial Consultation

Your free Initial Consultation

  • This is the first stage in your journey of transformation where we first discuss your needs and get to know each other. It's your opportunity to ask questions.


Life Coaching Prices


Your Gold Coaching Package

  • 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions

  • Support materials including audio, eBooks and session worksheets.

  • Access to my online weaddheart & webinars


Life Coaching Durham

 Introduction to Coaching 

Your Introduction to Coaching

  • This session is all about getting to know you and what you want to achieve, setting short term goals, identifying barriers and introducing basic techniques to start your transformation.

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Your Platinum Coaching Package Includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions

  • Inner Balance bluetooth sensor worth £159.

  • Support materials including audio, eBooks and session worksheets.

  • Access to my online weaddheart & webinars


Client Experiences

Christo Walker - South Africa

I met Kevin a while ago, not by chance it seems. He became an important part of my life in very trying times. The techniques he taught me have made me more focused, more patient and more goal orientated than ever before. These techniques will stay with me throughout my life. Having experienced them first hand, I believe that much of my future happiness and success will be far greater as long as I stick to my learnings. I can't thank Kevin enough, and I believe that he's going to help many more people feel the same way, and live their lives to their full potential, as I am doing! Thanks Kevin! 

Laura Wilson - Durham UK

I was unsure what to expect with when I first decided to try coaching, but my sessions with Kevin totally converted me, he was a fantastic coach, and I felt instantly at ease.  I have found the techniques that I learnt are going to be very beneficial to me throughout my life, both in work and personally. Thank you Kevin.

Leigh Lancaster - Sheffield UK

I've been stuck with feeling depressed about a certain situation that happened in my life that was really getting me down. I worked with Kevin for four sessions and I was amazed that the most simple of changes to the the way I started my day made a profound affect on how my day turned out. I really started to understand what was important to me and then the negative thoughts started to move out of my life. I had a few revelations along the way which will stay with me forever. Thank you Kevin.


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WeAddHeart is a growing movement empowering people to connect with their heart and the hearts of others, to live more fully from the heart and to add more heart to the world


Adding heart to your life is a way to improve your health and happiness and to come together, meaningfully and heartfully with others. It is also a practical way to play your part in raising collective consciousness with the aim of creating greater fairness, understanding and peace in our world.

We come together in small groups to practise simple but powerful heart-focused meditations. The meditations include experiencing heart-felt feelings such as care, appreciation and compassion for self and others.

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